Contemplating my work
Interview with myself

In self portraits of artists you often find phrases like: “Since my early childhood I did this or that.” It sounds reassuring  to be able to refer to something far back in the past. And you receive the impression of constancy.It is somehow different in my case. I’m trained as a cabinet maker but I can’t state that I had an affinity to wood since I was a child. I could also have become a baker, a tailor  or a pilot and would try to make the most of all my skills and energy to live up to my own expectations.But how can you actually make your own grade? I do not know. But I have a clue and I’m trying to track it down. I’m always in search of something. So with the wood. A distinctive trait of my work is therefore the searching, but:

What am I looking for?

The most honest answer would be: I don’t know, at any rate not clearly. But I’m trailing myself. I’ve already shaped a lot of pieces. When I’m trying to find out what I was looking for in all of them it becomes more apparent. An important part of the work is reflecting the particular stage of a process and asking if it’s just right the way it is – if something is missing or if there’s too much of something. I’m looking for a certain kind of coherence and harmony of the form.  But what does that mean? – It is the balance between thick and thin, lightweighted and heavy, perfect and corroded, light and dark…and so on. In principle it’s the adjustment of the contrasts. One time I find what I’m looking for, some other time not. C’est la vie.

How do I try to get there?

The first step of the work takes place on the lathe. You get a basic shape which will be modified by different means. I frequently mill or carve, dye or brush the pieces until they are either firewood or I get actually the balance I mentioned. Then they begin to live and enfold their character. A mere object becomes a unique personality. Sometimes it’s not necessary to change a piece after turning to make it alive. Then sanding and oiling is enough and: That’s it!

Why all that ?

Complex question. Because it´s nice and fun to do, is no sufficient answer. I can´t describe it clear.  It´s a kind of destiny. Mmmh…next question!

What occupies me currently?

Well, emergency session! As always!
No, I’m trying to find out to which extent destructive elements belong to the concept of beauty. And I’m extremely surprised that for me perfection doesn’t turn out to be the basic requirement of beauty. Rather the opposite may be the case! Genuine signs of beauty for me are faults, incompleteness and  peculiarity. It’s just the same regarding us human beings: specific features, spleens and attitudes make us loveable. This is what I’m currently looking for: peculiar and quirky beauty.