What remains…

My way continues but leads me in another direction – though I still love things I have done in the workshop.  Here you can read thoughts from the past: About me I live and work in Berlin. The workshop is my playground, it provides scope for development and enfolding ideas. There I design bowls, hollow [...]

“Art Pausing”

No coming…                                                                                                   no going….. Sorry, English translation will be available soon.

Beginning and End?

Show your blemishes!

The lines in your face are a sign of your sincerity. Something that doesn’t have lines and doesn’t age  is not real and alive. Life gives you dents and you get tarnished. “Show your blemishes!” Isn’t that another wonderful thought by Edward Brown,  which allows the natural way of life throughout time and dissents all [...]

No multitasking – when you’re cutting carrots, then cut carrots

I might be repeating the same things but I always find something new to add to this topic – seems to be high time that I actually grasp it… You don’t have to tell a classical Zen story but can just talk about cooking like Edward Brown (former student of Suzuki Roshi) in Doris Dörries’ [...]

About actually being alive

This is a story about a man whom I would call a seeker.[…] After marching along dusty paths for two days he saw Kammir in the distance. When he already saw the first houses of the village he noticed a hill on the right. It was of a wonderful green and there were innumerable trees, [...]

Letting go – in every respect….

There are many variations of this story. I just stumbled on one again, and like always I liked it. Her is one version….. Two Zen monks, an old one and a young were on their journey back to their monastery. Then they met a beautiful woman sitting helplessly on the bank of a rough and [...]

aging and satisfaction

Finished Mitch Albom’s book (italicized are quotes from: „Tuesdays with Morrie“, anchor house books, 1997 /  in memory of Morris “Morrie” S. Schwartz, 20.12.1916– 4.11.1995, American sociologist). More here:  http://mitchalbom.com It reminded me of my own thoughts but I can’t express it in better words, therefore take these: “Once you learn how to die, you [...]

thoughts of the day

We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. (T.S.Elliot – The Sacred Wood, 1922: “Tradition and the Individual Talent”, II) What a grand feeling: Being engaged with something just for its sake – without being afraid [...]

websites and competition – webpetition?

Isn’t it completely foolish to publish an own website? What is that self-adulation good for, the world surely doesn’t need that. So, what the hell I am doing here? I use it as a depository for photos and thoughts – anyway it curbs the chaos of sheets of paper and photo albums and losing my [...]